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The Body Systems and How They Use the Water We Drink

Every organ in the body needs water to function to do its job. From the top of the head to the tip of the toes, the body needs water. From scalp and roots of the hair follicles to the toenail on the pinkie toe, water helps them stay moist and healthy.

Every fluid the body produces, the blood, saliva (spit), urine, male and female secretions/fluids, and respiratory fluids, all need water. Therefore, it is so important to take in the right amount every day.

  1. The spit or saliva in your mouth is made of water and digestive enzymes to help breakdown the food you chew. Spit/saliva washes your mouth, teeth, and throat. You can say that it is like giving your mouth and throat a bath all day. A moist mouth will help prevent bad breath and tooth decay.
  2. The blood needs to be thin enough to flow and it depends on water to flow.
  3. Tears lubricate or moisten the eyes and help remove waste.
  4. Water helps the hair, skin, and nails
    1. It makes the nails stronger – helps with nail growth and prevents dry, flaky cuticles
    2. Helps maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin
    3. Assists with healing from sunburn or over exposure to the sun
    4. Washes away toxins – to prevent acne flare ups and some other common skin issues
    5. Adequate water intake may lead to decreased hair loss, shrinking, and breakage
  5. Sweat is the result of the body cooling itself down, to keep the inside or core at a certain temperature. The sweating helps release the heat from inside the body. You need water for this to function properly
  6. Urine (body waste) The kidneys are the natural filters for the blood. They get rid of the waste or trash from the blood-we call it urine or “pee.”
  7. Nostrils (nose) The inside of the nose must stay moist to protect the mucous membranes. The mucous membranes help warm and moisten the air you breathe so that the core or inside your body can remain a certain temperature
  8. Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF)keeps the brain moist and acts as a shock absorber to protect the brain when a person has a blow or hit to the head. The brain must stay moist to function. This fluid is clear, and it protects the spinal cord as well.
  9. The lungs need water to function. They must be moist/wet for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. That is why the lungs consist of 85% water.
  10. Digestion – water helps break down food and move it through the stomach and intestines

For health and wellness, water must be taken in daily to keep the body in good condition. It is the most important liquid the body needs to function properly.

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Deborah Lofton is a Registered Nurse with over twenty-eight years of nursing experience.

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